Click to enlargeTrigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain

From Chicago trigger point therapists Susan Sauer and Mary Biancalana, an excellent manual on back pain of myofascial origin (that is, pain coming from muscles and connective tissue, fascia).

Use in conjunction with backnobbers / jacknobbers tennis balls and other simple tools to press away the trigger points behind the pain.

Contains thorough descriptions of the muscles contributing to back pain (and failed back surgeries). Pain patterns illustrations by Barbara Cummings are from Travell and Simons classic Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction (a.k.a. The Red Books), now the bible of bodyworkers (effective ones) everywhere.

The authors also emphasize range-of-motion testing to pinpoint involved muscles. This technique, often ignored by therapists anxious to put hands on (or inject) trigger points, was the critical first step of Travell's treatment protocol. (See our ROM charts here). You will also find extensive information on self care and gentle stretching exercises.

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