Click to enlargeBest Ever Hot and/or Cold Water Bags

A huge improvement over old-style water bottles. Made of thin but super-strong plastic with double-walled construction that prevents tears and leaks.

Use them therapeutically for strains and sprains, or simply for comfort: cool summer sleeping or cuddly winter warmth.

You need not boil a kettle, just fill 2/3 full with water (warmer than you are) from the tap. Cover with a pillowcase if desired, but the greater mass of water will release its heat all night long. Their wonderful flexibility is another plus — rather than merely placing a rigid bottle under cold feet, the bag can be wrapped around the cold feet which won't stay cold for long.

It also serves as a feather-light supremely packable travel pillow. Blow it up, cap it and relax.

Available in 3 sizes. Small comprises 2 bags. All sizes have an extra cap.

Large: 18" x 24"

Medium: 15" x 18"

Small: 11" x 15"

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