Click to enlarge<i>Kataginu</i> Vest

The classic "batwing" men's vest. It was worn by the samurai and upper classes, although men of other classes were allowed to wear it at their weddings. The kataginu was worn with hakama and the combination became a kamishimo ("upper and lower") just as our combination of matching pants and jacket becomes a suit.

Pattern is one size, easy to make and easy to adapt for variously sized re-enactment or anime fans. Requires 2 yards 36 to 45-wide crisp, lightweight to medium-weight silk, linen, hemp, or even stiff paper. Allow extra material for larger sizes. For modern versions, you can think of the broad, flat back as a canvas for imaginative design and embroidery.

If you want to make a kamishimo, choose a fabric most appropriate to the hakama pattern and its pleats.

Kataginu Pattern P-KAT$14.95