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Meanwhile, please consider "Conquering Concussion." Because migraine is such a common symptom of head trauma,
 I consider this book to be "Migraine: Part II."

Available in hard copy and Kindle. 

A migraine is rarely just one thing. Find out what it really is, where it comes from, how to identify your triggers, discover the reasons behind the pain and what to do when nothing else has helped.

Learn why your headaches may be coming from your feet and legs, neck and shoulders, even chewing gum, clothing, furniture, foods. Get out of headache hell and get back to life.

For many migraineurs, the drugs don't help because very often, the symptoms that we call "migraine" may be triggered by a combination of factors. Here is the continuum between muscle contraction, sinus and migraine headaches. Migraine doesn't come from the head only. It can also come from the neck, back, shoulders, legs and more. See why and how with over 22 images of classic pain patterns arising from trigger points, poor posture, and other distortions of muscle, connective tissue, and nerves.

Includes information on traumatic brain injury, neurofeedback, the chemical and nutritional origins of sleep disturbances and depression, the neurological basis for barometer headaches, and more.

6x9 inches, 296 pages, with over 100 illustrations plus bibliography and index. Contents and excerpts available on-line at

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See also Conquering Concussion. Notice how commonly headaches and migraines occur following head injury. In many ways, we consider Conquering Concussion to be "Migraine Brains and Bodies: Book 2."

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