Great Links


Jun Akiyama's Aikido Web, the most popular Aikido site on the Internet. Aikido resources, Aikido forum, Aikido humor.

Mugendo Budogu LLC

Excellent quality equipment and clothing imported from Japan. Mugendo can also supply high-quality Japanese steel swords made in the traditional manner.

Sei Do Kai Supplies

Custom-made individually produced wooden weapons for martial arts. Also iaito from Fujiwara Kanefusa in Japan.

Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences

The most comprehensive collection of reliable and well-researched martial arts articles on the Internet. A goldmine of information for scholars, history buffs and anyone else wanting to separate myth from reality.

Oh Noh! Kimonos!

Kimono fabric, vintage Japanese clothing such as antique hakama, haori and obi, and some wonderful designs, such as the Kimono Quilt.

Aikido of Diablo Valley

Great info and links to weapons, uniforms, e-Aikido bulletin boards, websites, mat sources and more.